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Fishing without a license can carry a significant fine. Our comprehensive guide will inform you about the entire licensing process, help you get licensed in your state and educate you on other rules and regulations pertaining to your catch. These include seasons for fishing, haul limits and residency restrictions. For more information, download our detailed guide today.

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Discover all the information you need to obtain a fishing and hunting license. is the comprehensive source to assist you with both licensing processes. Find out what licenses are required in which states and how to obtain each one in order to become the expert outdoorsman.

Fishing and hunting licenses vary by state. Also, there are several types of fishing licenses available, and you must obtain the correct fishing permit to legally fish in the United States. A license to fish in all large bodies of water is required for both residents and visitors in all states. Additional endorsements and species stamps may also be needed depending on the state you plan to fish in. For more information, review our site for state-specific fishing seasons, regulations, and the different fishing licenses available, such as daily, annual or lifetime licenses.

In every case, it is important to consider the type of water you will be fishing in. Some states only offer one type of fishing license, while other states differentiate between saltwater fishing licenses and freshwater fishing licenses, because they contain both types of water. Furthermore, states divide licenses based on purposes. A commercial fishing license, for example, is required if you are planning to sell the fish you catch, while a recreational or sport fishing license is necessary if you are simply fishing as a hobby.

Similar to fishing licensing, a hunting license is necessary if you plan on hunting in any of the 50 states. Each state has various hunting permits to choose from. These hunting licenses are issued based on residency, age and the type of game you will be hunting. Whether you are a resident or nonresident of the desired state you want to hunt in, you will also need to determine the length of time you will need the license valid for. The length of a hunting permit varies from one week or one year to a lifetime. You can learn more about each state's specific hunting seasons, regulations and the different hunting licenses offered by reviewing the various pages on our site.

In any case, if licensing is your main concern, is your all-in-one resource for fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation. We are here to help simplify and expedite the process of obtaining your fish and game licenses. Our one-of-a-kind concierge service provides you with a step-by-step checklist to get licensed for fishing, hunting and combined activities, and we also provide value-added services to help you become The Complete Outdoorsman. To get started on your journey today, follow the links below to get specific information on your state’s fishing and hunting license requirements.

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