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Money Back guarantee -

Money Back guarantee

As a valued customer of, you are eligible to apply for a full, money-back guarantee for any purchases made through our website, including eBooks, practice tests, study materials, forms and information.

In order to qualify for your refund, please file notice by email or in writing, or call our Customer Service line (if available), and provide an explanation detailing your dissatisfaction. Note that refund requests must be made no later than 30 days after a purchase has been made on


The following limitation applies to your request for a refund from


Note that reserves the right to deny a refund request if:

Refund or Credit Requests

In order to qualify to collect a credit or a refund for our services provided, or the failure of our services, you must notify us with your credit or refund request, or the failure of service, and properly request a refund or a credit in accordance with the conditions listed below. If you choose not to follow these outlined conditions, you will not be eligible to receive a credit or a refund, and will not be able to proceed with recovering the cost for our services, or our failure to provide certain services in any court of law. To ensure a refund or credit request is fulfilled, comply by: