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Types of Fish In The USA |

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Types of Fish in the U.S.

All U.S. states offer residents and visitors unique fishing opportunities with great fishing spots and diverse species. Recreational anglers and professional fishermen alike can choose between saltwater fishing in the states' inland waters such as lakes, rivers, streams and basins. Saltwater fishing is available in coastal fishing states such as Florida, California, Texas and Oregon. Before going fishing, anglers must obtain a valid state fishing license based on the type of catch, time period and their own residency. Among other factors. Novice anglers can also join fishing education classes to learn about the different fish species, which baits to use, where to find certain fish and how to cook them. Read below to learn more about the different types of fish to catch, their main characteristics and their natural habitats.

Freshwater Fish Species

Freshwater fishing is a well-developed hobby throughout the U.S. Recreational anglers who fish for themselves must be familiar with the best fish species for eating and cooking. Another important factor in choosing a type of fish is whether or not it is easy to catch. For instance, novice anglers should start with an easier catch, while experienced fishermen can handle almost any fish. Listed below are some of the most commonly caught freshwater fish in the U.S.:

Saltwater Fish Species

Coasts of the United States offer numerous fishing opportunities to both recreational and commercial fishermen for catching saltwater fish species. The most common saltwater fish caught on the coasts are the following:

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