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Types of Game in the U.S.

The United States is a county rich in natural resources and animal life that populates the vast deserts, grassy plains, tall mountains and the many rivers and lakes. Because of the extreme variety in landscape and climate, the United States' fauna is very diverse and offers an assortment of hunting opportunities to U.S. citizens. Generally, hunting game can be divided into two main groups, according to the size of the animal: small game and big game. Depending on the type of game, hunters can use a variety of techniques and hunting equipment to hunt carnivores, herbivores and both upland and waterfowl birds.

Read the sections below to learn more about the following types of game available for hunting across the U.S.:

Big Game Animals in the United States

Big game animals are almost always large land mammals. These types of animals are often hunted for their meat or for certain byproducts such as bone or horn. Hunters use various methods to hunt big game including: hunting from tree stands, stalking, trapping and driving. Some of the most common big game animals in the U.S. include:

Small Game Animals in the United States

Small game animals are typically small mammals such as: rabbits, beavers, squirrels,  reptiles, amphibians, and furbearers like foxes or coyotes. Upland game birds and waterfowl are also considered small game for the purpose of the hunt. The following animal species are regarded as small game in the United States:

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